Juego de Coladores de cocina

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  • Wide pouring edge for drip-free pouring
  • The see-through lid made of high-quality
  • The hollow handles with ample finger room ensure a secure grip

Un juego de coladores de cocina es un conjunto de coladores de diferentes tamaños y formas que se utilizan para separar líquidos de sólidos en la cocina. Los coladores suelen tener una malla fina hecha de metal, plástico o tela, y se usan para escurrir alimentos como verduras, arroz, pasta, carne, etc. También se pueden usar para colar sopas y caldos para eliminar cualquier residuo. Un juego de coladores de cocina puede incluir coladores de diferentes tamaños para adaptarse a diferentes necesidades, y algunos juegos incluyen también una espumadera o una cuchara colador. Los coladores son herramientas muy útiles en la cocina y son esenciales para muchas recetas.

CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Our kit contains everything you need to start creating edible masterpieces using your own personal touch!
  • Kit includes a professional precision airbrush, air compressor with 3 air flow settings, 12 eye-catching vibrant U.S. Cake Supply airbrush food colors.
  • detailed user guide manual with airbrushing tips and design techniques.
  • TO BE USED AND ENJOYED BY EVERYONE: It can be enjoyed by everyone
From kids to adults and beginners to experts! Simply add a few drops of color to your airbrush, power up the compressor, pull the trigger and go! It's just that easy to start your own customized creations!
  • AIRBRUSHING IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF CAKE AND ART: Unleash your imagination to create your own amazing designs on dozens of colorful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts. Blend and shade colors, write script and add accents, use stencils to add detail, color fondant and other elements, plus so much more!
  • FUN, SAFE AND EASY: Learning how to airbrush colors on your cakes and desserts is fun, safe and easy. The key to mastering the use of an airbrush is application practice. By following tips and techniques presented in the included users guide manual, you'll soon be comfortable using the airbrush and move on to creating edible masterpieces!


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